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Dr. Beth Rosellini is an accomplished medtech industry professional with experience ranging from early traction in R&D to delivery of direct patient care. She currently works as a MedTech Researcher & Angel Investor, independently researching various projects and investing in other medtech companies.

Formerly, Beth served as the Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Nexeon MedSystems, Inc., an operational investment company that specializes in leveraging substantial non-dilutive funding to de-risk clinical programs to develop innovative, physician-driven, benchtop science into commercialized, precision medicine therapies via tax-optimized vehicles. In addition to an ongoing pipeline of intellectual property under development, Nexeon also maintains a portfolio of cutting-edge life sciences companies that have programs in implantable neuromodulation, interventional cardiology, telemedicine, and virtual and augmented reality usage in the medical field.

Dr. Beth Rosellini began her role at Nexeon after assets from Rosellini Scientific, a medtech incubator, were contributed to the Company.  At Rosellini Scientific, she served as General Partner as well as a member of executive teams on the programs initiated there. She used her expertise in multi-disciplinary, systemic health management systems in optimizing next-generation, point-of- care medicine with “smart” devices with an overall aim to help patients get access to better care faster. She specializes in medtech entrepreneurship and has a passion for taking unique and innovative approaches to overcome the existing pitfalls within the current healthcare system.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Beth Rosellini holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, with special focus in head and neck R&D. Out of school, she initially worked in private practice as a comprehensive care dentist for several years treating patients with chronic pain in the head and neck as well as in sub-acute care facilities and VA hospitals treating patients with severe comorbidities. She then made the switch to medtech development via a role as General Partner at Rosellini Scientific, a life sciences incubator founded by her brother Will Rosellini, where she started by helping vet clinical protocols of ongoing research.  There, Dr. Beth Rosellini worked closely with experts in translational medicine, engaging a table of engineers, doctors, and scientists working towards common development goals. She gained valuable experience in advancing innovation via non-diluted funding programs as a means to de-risk investor capital.

Businesses that accomplish much with very little are what inspire Beth to be in this field. Those entities launching enormous products with minimal funding are of particular inspiration because this practice will help ensure access to high quality, affordable healthcare. Dr. Beth Rosellini and the Nexeon team use the concepts of “Lean Startup” and “Traction” as taught by Eric Ries and Gino Wickman respectively to build iteratively and make incremental progress towards therapeutic solutions that people need and want, reducing market risks and shortening development cycles. She also energizes a process that strives to build teams for each program that are comprised of people that are well aligned for optimal results.

Dr. Beth Rosellini entered the medical field to help people: as an innovator in particular, she holds the ability to alter the course of thousands of patients. The opportunities for change are immense, and there exists a vital need to expand and improve all components of the processes that translate products and medicines into buyable commodities.


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Welcome to Beth Rosellini's official website, where she will be sharing insights on all things MedTech and more. Beth Rosellini is a forever learner and is dedicated to helping individuals live healthier lives.

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